Therapeutic Endoscopy Course For Endoscopy Nurse Assistants & Nurse Consultants



Endoscopy has advanced over the last few decades. There have been numerous developments in endoscopic accessories enabling complex therapeutic procedures. Traditionally teaching involving endoscopic accessories in therapeutic endoscopy has been informal, with limited explanation of core basic principles and in addition, the limited hands on experience outside the endoscopy suite in a relaxed setting. This course provides a review of relevant practical aspects of therapeutic endoscopy, includes several practical demonstrations/exhibition and followed by "hands-on experience" with endoscopy accessories at several work stations. All delegates attending the course will be provided with a "SCOPE ENDOSCOPY MANUAL" dedicated for all those working in the endoscopy unit.

This course mainly covers the therapeutic/technical aspects of endoscopy and does not include patient care, related professional & ethical issues as these topics are covered by other national/regional courses. The TECNA COURSE to date has trained more than 1300 nurses working in various endoscopy units in the NHS (National Health Service ) and independent /private hospitals. Over the years delegates have attended from the UK and various other countries which include Ireland, Hongkong, Croatia, Portugal, Oman, Malta, Scandinavia, Israel, Saudi Arabia & UAE.


  • Registered nurses (RN) & Health care assistants (HCA) working in endoscopy units
  • Nurse endoscopists and any other personnel performing endoscopy
  • Specialist nurses working in gastroenterology/gastrointestinal surgery


The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) "Accreditation Unit" has awarded 7 study hours for the Therapeutic Endoscopy Course for Endoscopy Nurse Assistants & Nurse Consultants (TECNA). This programme has been accredited by the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation on an yearly basis . Accreditation applies only to the educational content of the programme and does not apply to any product. Accreditation will be renewed annually. This meeting offers a unique opportunity for you to network, enhance your knowledge in therapeutic endoscopy and also provides hands-on experience with endoscopy accessories.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the THERAPEUTIC ENDOSCOPY COURSE FOR ENDOSCOPY NURSE ASSISTANTS AND NURSE CONSULTANTS (TECNA) and look forward to seeing you all at the course. Your feedback would be appreciated in order to develop this course further.

With kind regards


  • Great useful topics.
  • Very interactive and enjoyable.
  • Practical sessions were informative.
  • The Manual is fantastic.
  • All explanations interesting and easy to follow.
  • Practicing different techniques.
  • Friendly and informative.
  • The practical side of using equipment.
  • Quality of presentations and information.
  • The manual- being focused on nursing.
  • Meeting lots of different people from different areas.
  • The whole day was enjoyable and informative.
  • Really enjoyed it all.
  • Good balance- all speakers and course staff approachable and friendly.
  • This course has given me a lot more confidence.
  • Fantastic course. Fantastic day.
  • Will definitely recommend and come again.
  • Fantastic course- very important topics.
  • Excellent Manual. A great study day
  • Great opportunity to talk to experienced staff

  • Practical sessions but overall enjoyed all.
  • All lectures very important but practical workshop very useful.
  • All aspect of the course was very interesting and very beneficial to my practice. Enjoyed it all. A very enjoyable course throughout.
  • Sessions are short but packed full of information.
  • Seeing and learning new ideas.
  • An all round really interesting, informative day.
  • Lots of opportunities to have hands on practical sessions with accessories.
  • Very well organised. Very interesting subjects.
  • Excellent presentations & enjoyed practical sessions. More aware of how to use equipment.
  • Relevance of the content as a relatively inexperienced endoscopy nurse. The ability to practice with the equipment in a relaxed environment is invaluable.
  • The day was broken up by helpful practical sessions. The course manual is extremely helpful. Sessions not too long and to the point.

  • Really enjoyed the day - good balance between practical and lectures.
  • Very good will be recommended.
  • Very good study day. Lots of ideas to take back. Manual excellent.
  • Good idea with both course and practical sessions makes the day varied.
  • Very informative gained core knowledge of endoscopy procedures done in the endoscopy unit.
  • It has been a very informative day, I have really learned a lot and enjoyed my day.

  • Very good course & excellent learning opportunity essential for endoscopy nurses.
  • Very well organised and helpful, excellent value for money.
  • Excellent course. The content was relevant, interesting and very useful. Thank you for making nurses feel valued within endoscopy.
  • Presentations and practical sessions able to network and meet with other nursing staff - compare practice. Manual
  • Friendly informative and approachable organising team.

  • Plenty of information and excellent value for money
  • The course is excellent for the new comer with 1 year experience in endoscopy.The topics covered are relevant,precise & comprehensive. It is also very worthy for those experienced nurses to enhance the knowledge and skills.
  • Delivery of lectures ,very engaging ,networking ,seeing new equipment-Very rewarding day.
  • Teaching was very good .I would like to come again
  • Plenty of information and excellent value for money

  • Fantastic course manual for revision post course
  • Aimed at a level for a nurse,informative and well presented
  • Everything was excellent

  • Covers a variety of topics. Good overview with relevant details .Speakers excellent. Now have a better understanding including other treatment options. - ELHT,Blackburn
  • Wide cross section of endoscopic procedures & therapies .Hands on sessions.
  • Wide range of subjects & therapeutic interventions. Good mix of theory and practical sessions

  • Excellent course which will really benefit my unit.' Princess of Wales Hospital - Bridgen
  • Today has really re-enthused me after years of working in endoscopy and has given me a lot more confidence to teach other members of staff. Russell Hall Hospital, Dudley.
  • Well structured with a realistic level of content. Nurses handbook greatly appreciated. Barnsley District General Hospital
  • Enjoyed endoscopy sessions much more now with a better understanding. University Hospitals Bristol